A Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out proposals and policies for the future use of all local land, and is the main development plan document in Wales.

Importantly it also allocates sites, either for new development (such as housing or commercial) or sites to be protected. The LDP covers a period of fifteen years and should reflect national planning policy in Wales. LDPs are then used by an Authority as the basis for deciding on planning applications.

Once an Authority has adopted its Local Development Plan.  After four years the Authority must review the Plan as a whole.  The purpose of review is to ensure that the LDP stays up-to-date and to make changes (identify new or remove allocated development land under the current LDP). During this time of review (which can take approx. 3 years) Authorities will call for the submission of “Candidate Sites” and this is the key opportunity for land owners to submit “Candidate Site” applications, so that their land can be allocated for development in the future LDP.

Local Authorities undertake this process at slightly different times and therefore to know the exact status of a current LDP review it is recommended that you review the Council website.

The LDP review process, as indicated below, is a long process with numerous stages, however, Hayston has extensive experience in promoting land through development plans and guiding / representing land owners through this process. The first stage of work is to submit a comprehensive, high quality application at the ‘Candidate Site’ call in stage. It is crucial that the technical information provided in this submission is robust in demonstrating ‘deliverability’ in all aspects (i.e. financial, ecological, highways, drainage) as the Authorities will assess these sites against criteria set out in a ‘Candidate Site Analysis Methodology’ and determine at an early stage whether they have no, some or a lot of potential. Throughout the process, however, there is opportunities to provide additional information (as requested by the LPA). As such effective coordination with the Authority throughout the process is essential and a role Hayston is experienced at doing and can provide. Stages were such representation / coordination may be need are at ‘Preferred Strategy and Deposit Stages and ‘ Examinations in Public’.