Another good win for Hayston ! Hayston has successfully achieved planning permission in Carmarthenshire for a proposed plant hire / forestry machinery storage shed at a location which did not directly apply to Policy, as it was not within, or directly related to Development Limits

The proposed shed was located in a small holding that it would partly serve. Hayston made a strong case to demonstrate that the specific circumstances of this case outweighed this policy objection and ensured that clever design of the shed clearly demonstrated that its scale, design and appearance was modest and in-keeping with the location. A sequential assessment demonstrated that this location was the best option and Hayston demonstrated that the proposal supported self-employment and home working in rural areas that is generally supported by Policy H10 of the LDP, Planning Policy Wales (at the time 8th Edition 2016) and Technical Advice Note 6, Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities (2010). The robust case that Hayston built ensured a successful result with planning permission being granted.